Chin and neck liposuction procedure in Sacramento, CA from New Body MD.

Liposuction is commonly used to remove subcutaneous fat from the chin and neck areas and better contour them to the patient’s desired image. The following information should give you an idea of the circumstances requiring this style of liposuction and its process. You should always remember to consult fully with your surgeon prior to operation to discuss the best course of action for your unique body.


Areas Targeted by Liposuction

Chin and Neck liposuction patient at New Body MD There are two areas of the chin and neck where liposuction can be applied for maximum success:

  • The area below the jawline, also know as the submental chin, can contain a localized excess of fat that gives an older, chubby appearance.
  • The jowl area, which represents a minor collection of fat on the lower cheek, create an elderly appearance and are a serious cosmetic concern for men and women alike.

These problem areas have all seen the best results in appearance from liposuction, however you should consult with your surgeon as to whether or not the surgery is right for you, or if another procedure might match your circumstances better.

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