Your Eyes Are the Focus of Your Face

The delicate eyelid skin often ages faster than the rest of our face. Eye bags, drooping, and wrinkly skin all give the impression that you are tired and older. Allergies and other causes of puffiness can stretch the skin and dilate the veins around the eyes causing darkness of the lower lids. Years of sun exposure can result in brown spots, eyelid lesions and even cancer. Eye rubbing and make up removal can loosen important eyelid structures causing changes in the shape of the eyes. Aging, autoimmune changes and hormonal imbalance can cause eyelash and eyebrow loss. While low brows look good on some men, brow ptosis can worsen the overall appearance of your eyes too.

Dr. Kimberly Cockerham is a board-certified ophthalmologist with extensive training and over two decades of experience in facial plastic surgery. Her goal is to meet with you to discuss a comprehensive and natural rejuvenation of your brows, eyelids and lashes using advanced technology.

Enhance and Protect Your Eyes Without Surgery
Dr. Cockerham will design a skin regimen that includes your eyelids that starts with sun protection. Did you know… there are powder sunscreens just perfect for your eyelids? …Clear UVA/UVB coating for your car windows not just your sunglasses?

Non-surgical enhancements include the Botox browlift, dermal fillers, microneedling, platelet rich plasma and laser resurfacing. These can enhance brow position, restore volume, diminish wrinkles and scars and improve laxity.

Restore Your Youthful Look with Surgery
Upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) typically involves the removal of excess skin and sculpting or repositioning of fat to improve contour. Eyelid lesions can be removed and other structures tightened to restore a more youthful eyelid shape and function.

Eyebrow lifts augment eyelid surgery if your natural brow position has descended.

Lash and eyebrow hair regrowth using Lattise, other topicals and/or SmartGraft transplantations also help to restore the overall look of the eyes.

Eyelid laser surgery can be performed in conjunction with laser skin resurfacing for even more dramatic improvement.

Call for a personal consultation with Dr. Cockerham to discuss all of your treatment options.