Thigh liposuction is a specialized liposuction procedure that is most commonly utilized to remove excess fat around the inn or outer thigh area and form a smoother, pleasant contour of the leg to better match the body’s profile. The following information will provide you with a basic understanding of both the inner thigh and outer thigh liposuction procedures, and along with your surgeon’s advice, help you choose the correct procedure for your own unique body.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Thigh liposuction patient at New Body MDWomen with prominent thigh fat and high levels of skin elasticity can expect excellent results from thigh liposuction surgery. However, in older women, especially those who have lost considerable weight, can have wrinkled skin around the thigh areas. Liposuction will not remove these wrinkles, and in some cases will worsen the degree of wrinkling. Patients with excessive thigh fat and wrinkling must be aware that, while liposuction will remove the excess fat, may intensify the wrinkled appearance.

Anterior/Outer Thighs

Liposuction of these regions generally aims for optimal smoothness rather than maximum size reduction, as an overuse of liposuction can leave the outer thigh with unsightly irregularities of skin. This can occur from anywhere above sixty percent subcutaneous fat removal, and is the most notable cause for patient dissatisfaction with the procedure.

Inner Thighs and Inner Knees

Liposuction is most commonly performed on these areas simultaneously in order to more easily conform them to the body’s contour. This is most commonly the case because the area that women are seeking to treat extends over the entirety of the inner thigh and knee. Doing these surgeries separately can result in uneven skin at the intervening area where no liposuction was performed.

Precautions for Thigh Liposuction

The general method for thigh liposuction surgery is a technique known as Circumferential Liposuction, where the entire circumference if the thigh is operated upon. It is highly recommended to accomplish this in multiple sessions, as an operation on the entire thigh can lead to prolonged swelling in the legs and feet, resulting in a much higher level of discomfort and exponentially increased recovery period. Thus, multiple liposuction sessions are considered much safer and satisfactory to the final appearance.*

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